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Some scholars discriminate between the newspaper style and the publicist(ic) style, some do not, uniting all the varieties of the journalistic sphere either under the term newspaper or publicist style, the mass media style, etc.

I.V. Arnold uses the term newspaper style for both of them.

I.R. Galperin following V.L. Naer discriminates between them due to the function performed: to inform in newspaper writing or to evaluate and convince in publicist one, etc.

The world of the news media embraces the spheres of written, or print (newspapers and magazines), and spoken, or broadcasting (radio and television), journalism.

It performs multifarious functions, e.g.

-to inform a wide audience about the events in the news,

-to suggest and often impose their possible interpretation or

-just to share an opinion about them with a contemporary.

Each paper or channel has worked out its house style – a journalistic style characterized by the preferred forms of expression.

Their selection mainly depends on the following 3 factors:

-the awareness of what its readership, its listener, or its viewer wants;

-the treated area (e.g. politics, economy, science, religion, etc.) that predetermines the application of the correspondent vocabulary units including neologisms, abbreviations and acronyms, international words, the names of institutions and enterprises; and

-the allotted for a particular variety time and space.

The core element in the print media output is a news report- an account of current news, something of timely importance.

The headline of a news report (as well as of other genres) has got its own style which is sometimes called Headlinese.

It is written in a telegraphic manner; it is critical, summarizing, always suggestive and drawing attention to a news story.

The function of the headline is complex. That conditions the choice of lingual means. 1.It informs the reader briefly what the text that follows is about. 2.to arouse interest in the potential reader and to catch his eye.

-nominative and elliptical sentences,

-infinitive complexes, and attributive noun groups.

An inverted pyramid form;lead(who,what,when,where,why)

Details come next, in short paragraphs.

News reportage can be conveyed in shorter forms-news items located in the ready-made blocks on the front pages. They are intended for the previewing of the edition publications and state facts without giving explicit comments. The language of news items is stylistically neutral too.

Other than news stories, in a newspaper or a magazine, there are such permanent analytical genres as

editorials (leading articles), op-eds, essays, feature articles, and

personal columns.

If a news report transmits factual information about current events, these genres disclose by commentary ‘the nature’ of a particular news issue and actually become a continuation or expansion of a news report.

According to the manner of presentation essays fall into several varieties:

-descriptive (making a picture of smb. or smth.),

-narrative (telling a real story),

-expository (based on argumentation), etc.


- the use of the first person and active verb forms.

-longer §

- the use of the first person and active verb forms we get to know what the article is about



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