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Характеристика шлифовальных кругов и ее маркировка

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C. Here are sentences some of which are correct, and the others contain lexical mistakes. Find them and correct the sentences.

1. Besides being pretty Ann is also rather smart.

2. Case 234 is being listened to in room 23 on the second floor.

3. My experience tells me that nothing will come out of this undertaking.

4. As my watch kept stopping Mom offered me to buy a new one as a birthday present.

5. Bob had been going out with Jill for a few months when he decided to propose to her.

6. Don’t distract me, please. I’m working on my Physics report.

7. At the wedding Tom was dressed just like his father.

8. The pirates are going to the Red Sea on a business trip next Monday.

9. Many people offered me their help but I refused.

10. The witch denied overhearing our conversation though we were sure she was telling lies.

11. Will you help me to carry this heavy suitcase?

12. The ogre hesitated for a few seconds and dialed the number.

13. Let us know whether you can take part in the contest.

14. It was obvious that nobody intended to do anything.

15. No matter what I did, nobody paid any attention.

16. Even if the witch did say so, we can’t be sure that she was telling the truth.

17. Jack suggested that we should start as soon as possible.

18. The princess must have missed the train.

19. Sue may have to borrow some money. She’s out of work.

20. Have you decided where you will spend your holidays?

21. An hour passed, then another but I was still standing at the gates waiting for her.

22. We are moving to a new flat next week.

23. Do you remember the evening we first told about going to London?

24. The bus driver was just about to start when he remembered that he hadn’t filled the petrol tank.

25. The sun was just setting when we reached home.

26. The life here is not so easy as it used to be.

27. The professor made a great speech at the conference.

28. We always reach the summit before the sun rises.

29. Don’t hesitate to ask me for help. I’m always at your disposal.

30. The princess was so beautiful that no one could help admiring her beauty.



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