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The Present Perfect Continuous Tense.

The Present Perfect Continuous Tense Form: Have(has)+been+-ing He has been reading his newspaper for an hour. Have you been living here long? She hasn’t been working here long. Usage:Present Perfect Continuous употребляется для выражения: 1. Действий, которые начались в прошлом и продолжаются в настоящее время. The children have been watching TV for two hours. 2. Действий, которые завершились недавно и их результаты заметны (очевидны) сейчас. Jenny’s tired. She’s been working hard all morning. Примечание. 1.С глаголами, не имеющими форм группы Continuous (State Verbs), вместо Present Perfect Continuous употребляется Present Perfect Simple. I`ve known Sharon since we were at school together. 2. С глаголами feel, live, work можно употреблять как Present Perfect Continuous,так и Present Perfect Simple, при этом смысл предложения почти не изменяется. He has been living/has lived here since 1994. Time expressions: for, since, all morning/afternoon/week/day и т.д., how long (в вопросах).

Exercise№1. Match a line in A with a line in B.

A 1. Ann’s been sunbathing. 2. She’s been shopping. 3. She’s been working in the garden. 4. She’s been watching a sad film. 5. She’s been waiting for a bus for hours. B a. She’s furious. b. She’s crying. c. Her back hurts. d. She hasn’t got any money left. e. She’s a bit sunburnt.


Exercise№2. Complete the questions. Put the verbs in the Present Perfect Continuous Tense.

1. Sorry I’m late._____ (wait) long?

2. So you play chess, don't you? How long _____ (play)?

3. The streets are wet. _____ (rain)?

4. The children are filthy! What _____ (do)?

5. I didn’t know you could speak Chinese. How long _____ (learn) it?

6. Hi! I’m your new neighbour. _____ (live) here long?

7. Why is your hair wet? _____ (swim)?


Exercise№3. Choose the correct form of the verb.

1. I’m hot because Ive run/Ive been running!

2. Ive cut/Ive been cutting my finger!

3. Have you heard/Have you been hearing Paul Simon’s latest record?

4. She’s tired because shes shopped/shes been shopping all day.

5. Sorry. Ive broken/Ive been breaking one of your glasses.

6. How long have you had/have you been having this book?

7. They live/ Theyve been living here for three years.

8. Ive painted/Ive been painting the living room, but I haven’t finished yet.

9. Ive lost/Ive been losing my wallet. Where did I last have it?

10. There’s my wallet! Ive looked/Ive been looking for it for ages!


Exercise№4. What have these people been doing? Make sentences using an appropriate verb in the Present Perfect Continuous Tense.

1. Catherine went to the supermarket an hour ago. She’s still there.

Catherine has been shopping for an hour.

2. My mum began cooking three hours ago. She hasn’t finished yet.

3. The teams started playing football twenty minutes ago. They haven’t finished yet.

4. The headmaster started speaking two hours ago. He hasn’t stopped yet.

5. Bill began building his house six months ago. He hasn’t finished it yet.

6. I started doing my homework three hours ago. I haven’t finished it yet.



Present Perfect Continuous Мы употребляем Present Perfect Continuous: • для выражения действия, начавшегося в прошлом и продолжающегося в настоящее время Mr. Davis has been teaching for six years.   • для того, чтобы подчеркнуть продолжительность действия She has been painting this picture for two hours. Present Perfect Simple Мы употребляем Present Perfect Simple: • для выражения действия, которое только что завершилось   They have just made a deal.     • для того, чтобы подчеркнуть результат He has painted twenty pictures.

Exercise№5.Put the verbs in brackets into thePresent Perfect Continuous or the Present Perfect Simple Tense.

1. That book (lie) on the table for weeks. You (not/read) it yet?

2. I (wait) here for her since 7 o’clock and she (not/come) yet.

3. I (think) about you all day.

4. He never (be) here before.

5. I can’t help being angry with you; you (sit) here all the time and doing nothing.

6. There’s nothing to be proud of; you (not/get) a single excellent mark as yet.

7. The girls (talk) about their new dresses for half an hour already; it seems they have nothing else to talk about.

8. I’m planning to buy a new house. I (look) for one for two months now. So far I (look) at ten houses, but I (not/find) one I liked.

9. Amanda (open) a shop which sells newspapers and magazines.

10. Dave (learn) to drive for six months.


Exercise№6. Read the situations and write two sentences using the words in brackets.

1. Tom started reading a book two hours ago. He is still reading it and now he is on page 53.

(read/ for two hours) He has been reading for two hours.

(read/ 53 pages so far) He has read 53 pages so far.

2. Linda is from Australia. She is travelling round Europe at the moment. She began her tour three months ago.

(travel/ for three months)

(visit/ six countries so far)

3. Jimmy is a tennis player. He began playing tennis when he was ten years old. This year he is national champion again – for the fourth time.

(win/ the national championship four times)

(play/ tennis since he was ten)

4. When they left college, Mary and Sue started making films together. They still make films.

(make/ ten films since they left college)

(make/ films since they left college)

Exercise№7.Correct the mistakes.

1. I have looked for him all day. I can’t find him.

2. He has trying to fix the car all morning.

3. I have buying lots of food this week.

4. I not have brought any shampoo.

5. It has been snowed, but it’s stopped now.

6. How long they have been cleaning the house?

7. I’ve been knowing Lillian for two years.

8. Have you cried? Your eyes are red.


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