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The choice of the way of approach to expressing the denota­tive meanings of the units of specifically national lexicon is strictly predetermined by some definite factors, which may be both of a lin­gual and extralingual nature. To these belong first of all the semantic and structural complexity (or similarity) of the units of the culturally biased specific national lexicon of the source language. As a result,

157the methods of translating may also be predetermined by the spe­cific notion being new and not yet quite known as well as by its long tradition of usage in the target language. The choice of the method of translating may partly be influenced by the sphere of circulation of the specific notion in the source language. Last but not least this choice can also depend on the translator himself and upon the aim or purpose of translating/interpreting. Hence, one may consequently assume the existence of several ways of conveying the lexical mean­ings of the culturally biased units of national lexicon. Each of these ways can be considered quite reliable, if it provides the faithful ex­pression of the main and specific sense of the source language unit in the target language.

Since the nature, the structure, the sphere of employment and the denotative meaning of different culturally biased units of national lexicon are rarely of the same semantic «extension», their methods of translating can not be uniform either. Taking into account or rather depending on the afore-mentioned factors, the following methods of conveying the meaning of specifically national units of lexicon can be recognized as quite reliable:

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