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Exercise I. Pick up the units of the English specifically national lexicon in the sentences below. Define their sphere of usage and translate the sentences into Ukrainian.

1. You know as I do that some students are capable of making you, the teachers, look bad. These are atypical students. Some of our best lessons fall flat because of these students. (A.Dodding) 2. Some ignorant jackass on Fleet Street has got together a list of cures by Stillman. (A.Cronin) 3. Sir Robert was surprised and said that this Argentine scheme (Canal Company Scheme) was known to be a commonplace Stock Exchange swindle. (O.Wilde) 4. At this point of the story enters the Great Detective, specially sent by or through Scotland Yard. (St. Leacock) 5. You must certainly send it (the paint­ing) next year to Grosvenor. (O.Wilde) 6. He himself had a job in Whitehall «of national importance». (R.AIdington) 7. Do you realize he's the first Distinguished Service Cross we've had in this town? (U.Gow, A.Dusseau) 8. The serious part of the dinner comprised roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, being served as sweet course before the meal. (Bennet) 9. Carrie established a little portable gas stove for the preparation of small lunches, oysters, Welsh rarebits, and the like... (T.Dreiser) 10.1 can't tell one tune from another. I don't know «Home Sweet Home» from «God save the King». (S.Leacock) 11. An alderman from Hampshire was reported as saying that «the recommended increase in school-joining age would possibly be raised to six years». (Herald Intern. Tribune) 12. «Come, come» he said, «you are flurried, Mr. Lockwood». (E.Bronte) 13. And potbellied little coloured children fought hunger and sleepness while Lanny tried to

169teach them the three R's. (P.Abrahams) 14. The lady looked some­what surprised. His Lordship arrived first escorting Mrs. Mallaby. (A.Christie) 15. Down Whitehall, under the grey easterly sky, thelow-ers of Westminster came for a second in view. 16. And, removing their hats, they passed the Cenotaph. (J.Galsworthy) 17. She was busy loading the table with high tea. 18. He was afraid that as K.C.he would get no work. (S.Maugham) 19. Mr. Huges was on the Bench. (Gordon) 20. I can get you a seat in the Distinguished Strangers' Gallery. (.J.Galsworthy)

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