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Exercise II. Definite the ways in which the Ukrainian units of the national lexicon are translated (or should be translated) intoEngflsh.

A. 1. President Leonid Kuchma issued a decree obliging college graduates to work in the State sector after graduation. 2. The Ukrainian Nuclear Power Industry Workers' Union addressed their demand to President Leonid Kuchma, Verkhovna Rada, and the Cabinet ol Ministers. 3. Resulting from the sale of 60 per cent of an emission of municipal loan bonds totalling 15.000 hryvnias, the Kharkiv municipality will purchase 20 used Mercedes minibuses. 4. She is one of the 20 top ballet stars who will take part in the Christmas season of international ballet at London Albert Hall, opening on Boxing Day. 5. Photo reproductions in the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg show huge burial mounds of Chernihiv princes and boyars of the 11th-12th centuries. 6. The desire to create, invent and experiment leads schoolchildren of Lviv and the Lviv Region to the Evrika Junior Academy of Sciences. 7. In 1931 Arkadiy Filipenko was enrolled at the robitfak, worker's faculty, under the Lysenko Music and Drama School. 8. His first teacher - a kindly old herdsman - taught him to play on a simple reedpipe, sopilka, when he was only nine. 9. Then music and songs were performed by the Trio of Bandore Players. 10. Both families call the groom and the bride knyaz and knyahynya (prince and princess), the best men are boyaryns, the bridesmaids are druzhky. 11. The occasion was celebrated by Ukrainian-families with kutya (boiled peeled barley or wheat/rice with honey ard ground popy seeds). 12. There are several types of pysanky. one when the egg is painted in one colour; when with the aid of a special sharp tool one scratches the pictures on the painted egg (such-an egg is called dryapanka or scrobanka); when one puts thin fayers of wax on the egg while dipping the latter in paint, usually going from light colors to dark (krapanka); when the egg is painted with oil paint (malyovanka); and, finally, when with the help of a special instrument one draws a picture with wax, then fills it with different colours.

B. Give Ukrainian equivalents for the following traditional folk rites, customs, and religious feasts of our people:

1. commemoration of ancestors; 2. Whitsuntide/Whitsunday, Pentacost; 3. the feast of Presentation; 4. to bless water; 5. stuffed cabbage (leafs); 6. Holy supper; 7. pious and righteous; 8. Epiphany; 9. the feast of the Annunciation; 10. Warm Alexis; 11. miracle-workers; 12. Willow Sunday/Palm Sunday; 13. Passion Friday; 14. Holy Shroud; 15. the Easter Matins; 16. the High mess; 17. unleavened bread; 18. Seeing off Sunday; 19. Forty Martyrs; 20. water nymphs; 21. Maccabees' Day; 22. the Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord; 23. the Feast of the Assumption of the Holy Virgin; 24. Twelfth-day; 25. the pre-Christmas fast; 26. The Birthday of the most Holy Mother of God; 27. The Elevation of the Holy Cross; 28. The Feast of Intercession of the Most Holy Mother of God; 29. The Archangel Michael's Day; 30. St. John the Baptist.

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