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Be go go learn meet wash win

1. We _____ to the bank today. We haven’t got any money.

2. Marilyn is a very interesting person. You _____ her.

3. My hands are dirty. I _____ them.

4. You _____ to drive. It will be very useful.

5. I _____ to the post office. I need some stamps.

6. The game tomorrow is very important for us. We _____.

7. You can’t always have things immediately. You _____ patient.


Exercise№7.Complete the sentences with must and a suitable ending.

1. It’s my mother’s birthday tomorrow. - I must buy her a present and a card.

2. There’s an excellent film on at the moment. –You_____.

3. My bedroom is a real mess. I_____.

4. Peter’s in hospital. I_____.

5. Our train leaves in ten minutes! We_____!

6. You can borrow my tennis racquet, but you _____. It was very expensive.

7. There’s a wonderful new restaurant opened in town. You_____.


•Must употребляется только в настоящем времени. В других временных формах употребляется have to: He had to leave early yesterday. I will have to work late tomorrow. •Must not/mustn’t (вам/тебе не разрешается, это против правил) выражает запрет (prohibition). You mustn’t park here. •Neednt (это не является необходимым) выражает отсутствие необходимости (lack of necessity). You needn’t buy me a gift. • Вместо needn’t можно употреблять don’t/doesn't have to,при этом смысл выражения не изменяется. You needn’t/don’t have to buy me a gift.

Exercise№8. Put in I mustor I had to.

1. I ___ go to the bank yesterday to get some money.

2. It ’s late. I ___ go now.

3. I don’t usually work on Saturdays but last Saturday I_____ work.

4. I _____ get up early tomorrow. I’ve got a lot to do.

5. I went to London by train last week. The train was full and _____ stand all the way.

6. I was nearly late for my appointment this morning. I _____ run to get there on time.

7. I forgot to phone David yesterday. I_____ phone him later today.


Exercise№9. Complete the sentences. Use mustnt orneednt+one of these verbs:

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