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Comparative and Superlative Forms of Adjectives

  Adjective Comparative Superlative
  Regular (1syllable) cheap few nice big sad cheaper fewer nicer bigger sadder the cheapest the fewest the nicest the biggest the saddest
(2syllables ending in – y) busy friendly busier friendlier the busiest the friendliest
(2 or more syllables) difficult intelligent moredifficult more intelligent the most difficult the most intelligent
Irregular good/well bad/badly much/many little far better worse more less further/farther the best the worst the most the least the furthest/ the farthest
•Сравнительная степень+ than употребляется для сравнения двух людей, предметов и т.п. Bob is shorter than Paul. My car is more expensive than yours. • The + превосходная степень+ of/in употребляется для сравнения человека (предмета и т.п.) с людьми (предметами и т.п.), принадлежащими к одной и той же группе. Rick is the shortest of all. Stella is the most beautiful woman in the world.(говорится о местонахождении) • Мы употребляем as +прилагательное+ as, когда хотим сказать, что два человека (предмета и т.п.) обладают одинаковыми качествами. В отрицаниях мы употребляем not as/so…as. Peter is as tall as Tom. Tom is not as/so strong as Peter. • Мы употребляем сравн. ст. +and+сравн. ст.для того, чтобы показать усиление или ослабление какого-либо качества. The party got noisier and noisier. Change seems less and less likely.

Exercise№1. Complete the sentences using a comparative form.

1. It’s too noisy here. Can we go somewhere quieter?

2. This coffee is very weak. I’d like it a bit _____.

3. The hotel was surprisingly big. I expected it to be _____.

4. The hotel was surprisingly cheap. I expected it to be _____.

5. The weather is too cold in this country. I’d like to live somewhere _____.

6. My job is a bit boring sometimes. I’d like to do something_____.

7. Your work isn’t very good. I’m sure you can do _____.

8. Don’t worry. The situation isn’t so bad. It could be_____.

9. You were a bit depressed yesterday but you look _____today.

10. You’re standing too near the camera. Can you move a bit _____?


Exercise№2. What do you know about space? Make the superlative form.

1. The moon is the (close) planet to Earth.

2. Jupiter is the (large) planet in our solar system.

3. Sirius is the (brilliant) star we can see from Earth.

4. Venus is the (hot) planet in our solar system.

5. Ceres is the (big) asteroid in our solar system.

6. The Energya is the (powerful) rocket.

7. Karl Henize was the (old) man in space. He was 58 years old.

8. Saturn is the (beautiful) planet.

9. Venus is the (bright) planet in our solar system.

10. Mercury is the (small) planet in our solar system.

11. Romenko is the (experienced) man in space. He spent over 420 days in space.

12. Pluto is the (cold) planet in our solar system.


Exercise№3. Compare the following items, as in the example.

1. a pebble/ a stone/ a rock (big)

A stone is bigger than a pebble. A rock is the biggest of all.

2. cotton/ wood/ iron (heavy)

3. bronze/ silver/ gold (expensive)

4. a bicycle/ a car/ a train (fast)

5. a cheetah/ a cat/ a snail (slow)

6. a sheep/ a horse/ a giraffe (tall)

7. steel/ wood/ wool (soft)


very+ прил./наречие It's very hot in here. much+ сравн. ст. прил./наречия Today is much hotter than yesterday.


Exercise№4. Fill in the gaps with very or much.

1. A: This book isn't ______ interesting.

B: Try reading this one.

2. A: That's a beautiful car, isn't it?

B: Yes, but it's _____ more expensive than anything I can afford.

3. A: This jewellery is nice.

B: Yes, but the necklace is _____long, isn't it?

4. A: I hate geometry, don't you?

B: Actually, I find geometry ______ more interesting than algebra.

5. A: Peter thinks Laura is a _____polite girl.

B: I know. Barry does too.

6. A: I want to lose weight, so I've taken up jogging.

B: That's good, but did you know that aerobics is a _____ more energetic form of exercise than jogging?


Exercise№5. Cross out the unnecessary word.

1. Mrs. Garrison is the most oldest teacher in the school.

2. Playing golf isn’t as more tiring as playing football.

3. As time went by, it got darker and the darker.

4. This task is the less difficult than the others.

5. He drives the far fastest of all.

6. Jane is as much tall as Sarah.

7. It was a quite an exciting film.


Наречияобразуют степени сравнения так же, как и прилагательные. Ø К наречиям, совпадающим по форме с прилагательными, прибавляется - er в сравнительной степени и -est - в превосходной. hard- harder- the hardest early- earlier- the earliest Ø К наречиям, образованным от прилагательных путем прибавления - ly, в сравнительной степени добавляется more, а в в превосходной - most. carefully- more carefully - most carefully


Exercise№6. Write the comparative and superlative forms of the following adverbs.

Responsibly, hard, fast, noisily, early, satisfactorily, well, carelessly, beautifully, clearly, generously.


Exercise№7. Put the adjectives/adverbs in brackets into comparative or superlative form where necessary.

Football in England

Football is, I suppose, (popular) game in England; one has only to go to one of the important matches to see this. Rich and poor, young and old, one can see them all there, shouting and cheering for one side or the other.

One of (surprising) things about football in England to a stranger is the great knowledge of the game which even (small) boy seems to have. He can tell you the names of players in most of the important teams, he has photographs of them and knows the results of large numbers of matches. He will tell you, who he expects will win such and such a match, and his opinion is usually as (good) as that of men three or four times (old).

Most schools in England take football seriously – much (seriously) than nearly all European schools. In England, it is believed that education is not only a matter of filling a boy’s mind with facts in the classroom: education also means character training; and one of (good) ways of training character is by means of games, especially team games, where the boy has to learn to work with others for his team, instead of working selfishly for himself alone.

The school therefore arranges games and matches for its pupils. Football is a good team game, it is good exercise for the body, it needs skill and a quick brain, it is popular and it is cheap: as a result, it is the schools’ favourite game.

Exercise№8. Write nine sentences about you and your family. (Three comparatives, three superlatives, and three with as…as.)


I’m more hard-working than my sister.

My grandfather is the oldest.

I’m not as patient as my mother.



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